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New, Used and Refurbished Hip and Glute Abduction, Adduction, and Hip Thrust Machines.

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We get new stock in every week, so if you can’t find a particular model you’re looking for, feel free to call us on 1300 769 556 or email [email protected]

Grays Fitness offers an exclusive selection of hip and glute machines that can help you unleash the power of your lower body. We know how critical it is to tone and strengthen your glute and hip muscles for both general health and athletic success.

Why Is Hip and Glute Training Important?

A powerful and well-balanced lower body is built on strong hip and glute muscles. With the help of our specialised equipment, which targets these muscle groups precisely, you can improve performance, avoid injuries, and develop a toned body.

See Our Glute and Hip Machines

Hip Thrust Machines

With our specially designed hip thrust machines, you can increase your hip strength and glute activation. Ideal for targeting and strengthening these important muscle groups.

Abductor and Adductor Machines

Enhance your lower body strength and sculpt targeted muscles with our premium abductor and adductor machines. Explore our range designed to isolate and strengthen these crucial muscle groups effectively. Achieve balance, stability, and increased flexibility with our specialised equipment. Elevate your fitness routine with our quality abductor and adductor machines for a comprehensive lower body workout.

Glute Kickback Machines

Use our glute kickback machines to define and sculpt your glutes. To help you activate your glutes to their fullest potential, these machines offer targeted resistance.

Leg Press Machines

Use our leg press machines to effectively engage your glute and hip muscles. These machines are effective and versatile, providing a range of settings for a full lower body workout.

Grays Fitness is the largest reseller of Used and Refurbished Gym Equipment

Superior Quality: Sturdy materials are used in the construction of our hip and glute machines to guarantee long-lasting performance.

Professional Advice: Our group of fitness specialists is available to help you choose the best equipment for your requirements and fitness objectives.

Variety: We have a large selection of hip and glute machines to fit a variety of training styles and levels of fitness.

Client Satisfaction: We put your satisfaction first. Our dedication lies in providing outstanding customer service and support.

With our specialised glute and hip machines, you can achieve superior results and transform your lower body workouts. Grays Fitness has the tools to support you in reaching your objectives, whether you’re a gym owner, a fitness enthusiast or an athlete trying to improve performance.

Take a look at our inventory right now to start your journey to more toned, stronger hips and glutes!


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