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All our gym equipment come with warranties and are from premium brands including, Life Fitness, Technogym, Precor, Matrix, Nautilus, Bodysolid, Synergy and more.

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Welcome to Grays Fitness, where specialised bicep and triceps machines will enhance your arm workouts.


Bicep Machines: Build Your Strength, Sculpt Your Arms

At Grays Fitness, we understand how important strong, well-defined biceps are to reaching your fitness objectives. Our selection of state-of-the-art bicep machines is intended to assist you in efficiently isolating and strengthening these muscles.

1. Bicep Curl Machines

With our specialised bicep curl equipment, you can achieve previously unheard-of increases in your bicep size and strength. With the controlled resistance provided by these machines, you can maximise muscle engagement while maintaining good form.

2. Preacher Curl Benches

Our ergonomic benches will help you perfect your preacher curls by isolating your biceps and improving stability. Your arm muscles will receive targeted and efficient exercise from these benches since they offer the best possible support.

Sculpt Your Triceps with Accurate Training

With the help of our selection of cutting-edge tricep equipment, you may achieve remarkable tricep strength and definition. With careful craftsmanship, these instruments will assist you in developing and targeting your triceps for a comprehensive arm workout.

1. Tricep Extension Machines

With our tricep pushdown machines, feel the burn and witness incredible progress in your tricep growth. Take use of the adjustable resistance settings to effectively challenge and sculpt your triceps.

2. Dip Stations

With our adaptable dip stations, you can improve your whole upper body fitness and tricep strength. These stations offer a platform for efficient dips that work the triceps and help strengthen the upper body.

Why Purchase Used & Reconditioned Commercial Gym Equipment from Greys Fitness?

Quality Control: To ensure long-lasting performance and durability, only the best materials are used in the construction of our machines.

Expert Advice: For advice on how to use these devices most effectively for the best outcomes, contact our trained team.

Comfort and Safety: Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, and we provide machines with ergonomic features and safety precautions.

With our specialised bicep and tricep machines, you can revolutionise your arm workouts and obtain amazing results.

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