Arnold Schwarzenegger. The face of both classic and modern bodybuilding. His influence and reign in the 70’s not only transformed bodybuilding into the mainstream then, but also continues to inspire and shape the fitness and bodybuilding community today. You don’t … Readmore


Nutrient deficiencies are often something that is majorly overlooked by the everyday Joe. Sure, we know how to stay fit, and we know the right foods to eat to stay healthy, but it is often not enough when you are … Readmore


2019 is here. We like to see our customers happy and healthy! This month we encourage you to engage in some sort of physical activity each and every day. Our first example of this is body weight squatting. Now I … Readmore

Mental Health

We all know that exercise is good for us. It’s obvious. But did you know how good it really is for your mental health? This is a subject and topic that has really been brought to the surface through several … Readmore


Weightlifting is good for everyone. But did you know how beneficial it is for older adults? There has been an influx of research conducted and that has proven avoidance of falls, pain management and increase of mental well-being are some … Readmore

Fitness Equipments

  Home gyms can be great.   No membership fees, no travel time and cost, and no workout gear (you can work out in your underwear duh)  no worrying about capacity or germs (I’m not a germophobe, you are)  and most importantly, no worrying … Readmore


    1) Your dietary needs need to be acknowledged and not ignored anymore. Allergies, or that thing that makes you feel queasy after you’ve eaten it? you should probably stop eating. It’s so easy to ignore these little things, especially … Readmore


  Commercial gym equipment is expensive. You probably know this.   Maybe you can’t afford brand new equipment worth thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars. Maybe you can, but why would you? Buying refurbished, used second-hand equipment is … Readmore

Fitness Equipments

Starting a gym is no easy task.    John Gray has been running his business “Gray’s Fitness” for 23 years. Amongst owning and running this business, he has owned four of his own gyms, as well as co-owning and advising … Readmore


In this the very first installment of the “Health and Fitness Tips and Information” section of the Grays Fitness blog, we touch on a condition which has negatively affected so many people around the world for far too long.


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Remanufactured gym equipment is what Gray’s Fitness is all about. People often ask how we manage to bring used gym equipment back to such stunning condition.  One reason for this is because we have the best technicians in the business. … Readmore


Red Nose Day is coming up soon, Friday June 30th. Please don’t forget to give this very worthy event your support. Please check out the following link to their website for details. https://rednoseday.com.au/  


The Keiser M5 Strider is a terrific piece of cardio exercise equipment. The machine is on offer at such a low price we’re almost giving it away. As traded to Gray’s Fitness but in excellent condition, you just can’t go … Readmore