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Brand: Life Fitness
Category: Elliptical Cross Trainers
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The Life fitness 5500HR elliptical has been designed to deliver to the user the very best total body workout. The machine offers perfect lower and upper body motion. The glutes and hamstrings get a brilliant workout via the forward elliptical motion while the backward motion works the quads and calves in much the same way.

The 5500HR offers users so much more variety in home elliptical equipment. For a total body workout the user can easily alternate between forward and backward motion, thereby exercising large groups of upper and lower body muscles in a very efficient manner.

The machine requires power and can utilize any standard outlet, and has a handy accessory tray and reading rack

The Life fitness 5500hr elliptical trainer offers great value for money.


Dimensions:L 203 cm x W 68.5 cm x H 167.5 cm
Polar® telemetry chest strap which reads and monitors the heart rate.
Lifepulse™ digital heart rate monitoring system which is an accurate way of calculating heartbeats.

Movable arms:
Movable arms facilitate upper body workouts.

Stride length:
Stride length of 19.5 which is a comfortable length for the average user.


Refurbishment:This is an As Traded item and may have some general wear and tear (nicks, scratches and so on).

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